Against the Wilderness

Some discussion and paperwork

Last session we divvied up funds, then went to Restov to take care of some business. Hucklebuddy and the blue-lighted Robin got their neg levels removed, N’name got his sword repaired and acquired an acolyte.

The group retired to an inn for the night, and plan the next day to visit the Citadel of Swords.

June 7th
some catching up.

The party journeyed to the Stag Lord’s keep, and armed with some insider knowledge snuck in through a secret door. Ignoring several invitations to small encounters, they made their way to the biggest tower in the place, forced their way in, and fought the Stag Lord and his mother.

After their eventual triumph, they liberated Akiros from the dungeons, killed everyone else in the castle (except for the halfling maid they had been told about), and put the care of the castle into Akiros’ hands.

They then decided to go on exploring the landscape. In the course of this action they discovered a millennia-old barrow, which, true to expectation, contained a wight, as well as some other undead and animated statues. After losing Hucklebuddy and nearly losing Robin, the party pushed their horses had to get to the village of Rushbottle, and managed to get Huckelbuddy yet another reincarnation. This time he came back as a half-elf.

May 3, 2014
as Hucklebuddy tells it...

Yep, we brought the silver back to the lord. We made fun of his butler. We talked to the halfling that guided us to the mine. We paid him some money and apologized for terrorizing him. He told us the bard we rescued was in the jail on the assumption that we had taken off with the town’s silver. We said that we brought the silver back, so we should probably just go get the bard now. The halfling said that the Sheriff worked for the stag lord and didn’t like us. In fact, the sheriff apparently had hired the halfling to delay us long enough that the stag lord’s mercenaries were able to waylay us on the way back from the mine. So we decided we had to fix that sheriff’s little red wagon. Then that sheriff poked his head out of his house and started tweeting on a whistle. And he pointed at us and said, “You.” So we gacked him. Then the deputies showed up, and we offered them a chance to surrender, but they attacked us so we gacked two of them. Then we offered the remaining two a chance to surrender. But they didn’t. So we gacked another one. Then we offered the last one a chance to surrender. He did. Then the halfling led the crowd that had showed up in the meantime in a rousing cheer because we liberated them from the stag lord’s cronies. Then we started back to the lord’s house to apologize for whacking his sheriff, but the local populace decided they needed to go home to grab their pitchforks for a less friendly visit to the lord. We got to the lord’s house, and the Butler showed up in half plate and a heavy flail. We mocked him. He strode forward to attack. 4 casters and a bear surrounded him, stuck him with bear teeth, longswords, scythes, and knives. He didn’t even touch us. (we rolled well, he rolled poorly). The townsfolk were mad that we started the party without them, then they poured into the lord’s manor where we heard considerable looting and lord expressing his discomfort. We gave the townspeople bows, appointed the halfling’s dad the new sheriff, suggested they organize a defense for their town and figure out a new mayor/lord. The halfling will guide us to the stag lord’s to help rescue his lady love.

Apr. 12 & 26, 2014 sessions
Two posts in one!

Okay, so I’m bad at updating, I’ll try to do better.

On the 12th, the group went around getting allies from the kobolds and villagers, before the Stag Lords army attacked Oleg’s, and the rag-tag group of defenders was able to rout them with one volley of arrows.

On the 26th, they dealt with the survivors of the attack and moved after the Stag Lord, who fled the scene. They had to re-take the river crossing tower, which they did much quicker this time thanks to the murder mistress actually being awake and playing.

XP from the 12 was 545, from the 26th was 480.

March 29th, 2014
Resisting Arrest.

On the way back from clearing the mines and picking on their poor halfling guide, the party was stopped on the road by none other than the Stag Lord’s lieutenant, Dovan. He tried to arrest the party for banditry and assorted other offenses. When they refused, Dovan’s men attacked, though he fled as soon as he himself was attacked. A mysterious mounted figure watched the battle, and after it was over (with only one fatality, Roneth), he revealed himself to be Akiros.

He will tell his tale next session.

XP was 450.

Catching up
My apologies for not being current on this thing

Since the last post, the party has cleared the tower (March 8th, 800xp), went to the village, did some talking, cleared one level of the mine (March 15th, 560xp), then the next level (March 22nd, 450xp).

Richard has the treasure list.

Oh, and Etterskel got beaten up by some mushrooms.

Mar. 1, 2014

After having defeated the wolves and recovering the runaway goat (last session), the party entered into the damaged tower. They made their way across the rubble-strewn floor, to one of two archways on the far walls. Etterskel went through and caused part of the flagstone floor to fall away. Hucklebuddy and Robin fell into a cage, while N’name was able to use his elven grace to hop to safety.

After remembering they had rope and climbing out, the gang went into the next room, which had what appeared to be a large puddle of water on the floor. The puddle then attacked, and over the course of the fight grappled Robin several times. They defeated the oozy enemy, and explored further. In the basement, they found a mysterious barred door. Etterskel and Hucklebuddy investigated (there was a tunnel that lead back to the monastery) while N’name collected on a debt with Robin.

After that interlude, the party went up the stairs, to find the door they came through had been shut and barred. They decided to ignore it and go up a flight, where the door was left ajar, as if beckoning them through. Etterskel rolled into the room. Adaryn followed, and got a faceful of crossbow bolts for her trouble.

There ensued a pitched battle against a quartet of spriggans, with party members being downed, frightened, and otherwise stymied. In the end they prevailed, and decided to bar the door and rest for the night.

Xp awarded was 1,000 per character

Feb 15th session
they chose the wolves

So, the party leaves the dwarf’s hut, and decides to investigate the monastery where the wolves and spriggans are. Etterskell claims the building as his own dwelling, despite it’s current state of decay.

As he approached, he was attacked by a howling wolf, which ran off quickly into the monastery courtyard. The druid cast obscuring mist at the gate, so the group entered the yard blind. They were met by a quartet of wolves snarling at them. As they battled the wolves, they were fired upon by a pair of spriggans on a battlement.

After killing the wolves, the party was then attacked by a giant worg, who was taken out in two hits and an AoO, thanks to a critical by Robin.

The party then tried to hide in the building, but the spriggans dropped from the walkway (growing in size as they did), and attacked the party in melee.

After most of the party got whomped pretty bad, N’name, the last man standing, picked up a spear dropped by Nox and managed to kill the last remaining spriggan.

Everyone there got 1000 xp.

We left off with all but N’name unconscious but stable, and no rooms explored.1656229_10152200752834840_1545665107_n.jpg

Nov 16th
Back on the bandit hunt.

Resupplied from Oleg’s, the party sets off down the South Rostland Road back toward the wreckage of the merchant’s wagons. They cast about, and manage to find at trail of mixed horse and wolf tracks heading eastward, slightly south of the highway. They follow, until the tracks split, with the wolves heading south, and the horses continuing east. They follow the horse tracks until they lead into a copse of old oaks. The party goes into the trees and finds a clearing, with bits of old bones and weapons visibly jutting out of the soil. Robin goes to investigate, and triggers a haunting sight of blood oozing from the ground and bark, before coalescing into spectral shapes of soldiers, who rush to attack Robin, but before they do, they are all struck down by an unseen force. A sense of dread descended upon most of the party, several of whom made to flee, but Hucklebuddy’s quick action calmed their emotions. The party lingered for a bit, while Etterskel tried to figure out what to hit. Again, a surge of dread forced several members of the party to flee outside the trees. Eventually, Hucklebuddy tried to channel positive energy, which finally got the blood to subside, and no further negative feelings plagued the heroes. Etterskel tried to burn the place down, but recent days of rain made that all but impossible.

The party then decided to search the area for the tracks (which had disappeared), but only found an old campsite.

Discouraged, the party moved into the next area, tracking the wolves. They found, in addition to the wolf tracks, the tracks of a large herd of horses, which they saw in the distance. They decided to check out the herd, and were attacked by a pair of wolves. They slew one wolf, but the other ran off, injured.

XP for all present: 320

Oct 26th.

After harvesting around four hundred pounds of meat off the giant bird, the injured ranger suggested they leave the area before the rest of the flock found them. The party thought this good advice, so they headed north, trying to follow the the likely path of the bandits. Since there had been several days of rain since the tracks were made, no one could actually find any, but they new the likely destination was the potion-maker, Bokken.

One night while camping, the group was attacked by a young wyvern, who was hungry and overconfident. After the gang killed it, they skinned it’s hide and took it’s head with them (although that meant some of them had to walk, as they were down a horse).

The group finally met Bokken, exchanged pleasantries, and got thrown out of his hut when they began fighting amongst themselves. The did learn that he does business with the Stag Lord’s men, but not recently.

They then went back to Oleg’s, where Robin found Yuri sporting a giant black eye, given by an over-protective brother; and Hucklebuddy found out that Kesten is a racist.

They also discovered that the merchant train had returned, and had been attacked on the road by a force of men and wolves. Tracks were found, but not followed.


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