Against the Wilderness

Feb 15th session

they chose the wolves

So, the party leaves the dwarf’s hut, and decides to investigate the monastery where the wolves and spriggans are. Etterskell claims the building as his own dwelling, despite it’s current state of decay.

As he approached, he was attacked by a howling wolf, which ran off quickly into the monastery courtyard. The druid cast obscuring mist at the gate, so the group entered the yard blind. They were met by a quartet of wolves snarling at them. As they battled the wolves, they were fired upon by a pair of spriggans on a battlement.

After killing the wolves, the party was then attacked by a giant worg, who was taken out in two hits and an AoO, thanks to a critical by Robin.

The party then tried to hide in the building, but the spriggans dropped from the walkway (growing in size as they did), and attacked the party in melee.

After most of the party got whomped pretty bad, N’name, the last man standing, picked up a spear dropped by Nox and managed to kill the last remaining spriggan.

Everyone there got 1000 xp.

We left off with all but N’name unconscious but stable, and no rooms explored.1656229_10152200752834840_1545665107_n.jpg


Tauric Tauric

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