Against the Wilderness

Oct 26th.

After harvesting around four hundred pounds of meat off the giant bird, the injured ranger suggested they leave the area before the rest of the flock found them. The party thought this good advice, so they headed north, trying to follow the the likely path of the bandits. Since there had been several days of rain since the tracks were made, no one could actually find any, but they new the likely destination was the potion-maker, Bokken.

One night while camping, the group was attacked by a young wyvern, who was hungry and overconfident. After the gang killed it, they skinned it’s hide and took it’s head with them (although that meant some of them had to walk, as they were down a horse).

The group finally met Bokken, exchanged pleasantries, and got thrown out of his hut when they began fighting amongst themselves. The did learn that he does business with the Stag Lord’s men, but not recently.

They then went back to Oleg’s, where Robin found Yuri sporting a giant black eye, given by an over-protective brother; and Hucklebuddy found out that Kesten is a racist.

They also discovered that the merchant train had returned, and had been attacked on the road by a force of men and wolves. Tracks were found, but not followed.


Tauric Tauric

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