Against the Wilderness

Mar. 1, 2014

After having defeated the wolves and recovering the runaway goat (last session), the party entered into the damaged tower. They made their way across the rubble-strewn floor, to one of two archways on the far walls. Etterskel went through and caused part of the flagstone floor to fall away. Hucklebuddy and Robin fell into a cage, while N’name was able to use his elven grace to hop to safety.

After remembering they had rope and climbing out, the gang went into the next room, which had what appeared to be a large puddle of water on the floor. The puddle then attacked, and over the course of the fight grappled Robin several times. They defeated the oozy enemy, and explored further. In the basement, they found a mysterious barred door. Etterskel and Hucklebuddy investigated (there was a tunnel that lead back to the monastery) while N’name collected on a debt with Robin.

After that interlude, the party went up the stairs, to find the door they came through had been shut and barred. They decided to ignore it and go up a flight, where the door was left ajar, as if beckoning them through. Etterskel rolled into the room. Adaryn followed, and got a faceful of crossbow bolts for her trouble.

There ensued a pitched battle against a quartet of spriggans, with party members being downed, frightened, and otherwise stymied. In the end they prevailed, and decided to bar the door and rest for the night.

Xp awarded was 1,000 per character


Tauric Tauric

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