Against the Wilderness

Nov 16th

Back on the bandit hunt.

Resupplied from Oleg’s, the party sets off down the South Rostland Road back toward the wreckage of the merchant’s wagons. They cast about, and manage to find at trail of mixed horse and wolf tracks heading eastward, slightly south of the highway. They follow, until the tracks split, with the wolves heading south, and the horses continuing east. They follow the horse tracks until they lead into a copse of old oaks. The party goes into the trees and finds a clearing, with bits of old bones and weapons visibly jutting out of the soil. Robin goes to investigate, and triggers a haunting sight of blood oozing from the ground and bark, before coalescing into spectral shapes of soldiers, who rush to attack Robin, but before they do, they are all struck down by an unseen force. A sense of dread descended upon most of the party, several of whom made to flee, but Hucklebuddy’s quick action calmed their emotions. The party lingered for a bit, while Etterskel tried to figure out what to hit. Again, a surge of dread forced several members of the party to flee outside the trees. Eventually, Hucklebuddy tried to channel positive energy, which finally got the blood to subside, and no further negative feelings plagued the heroes. Etterskel tried to burn the place down, but recent days of rain made that all but impossible.

The party then decided to search the area for the tracks (which had disappeared), but only found an old campsite.

Discouraged, the party moved into the next area, tracking the wolves. They found, in addition to the wolf tracks, the tracks of a large herd of horses, which they saw in the distance. They decided to check out the herd, and were attacked by a pair of wolves. They slew one wolf, but the other ran off, injured.

XP for all present: 320


Tauric Tauric

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