Alessandro Cavarro

Born into a family of Swordlords, he has accepted the call to exploration.


Alessandro is a Cavalier. He is 28, has black hair and dark eyes.


Alessandro is the third of five children of Armando and Yelyena Cavarro, the latest heads of an ancient Rostlander family (although his mother is from a minor noble family in the Lodovka lands). Though the family has a long tradition, their fortunes have waned throughout the centuries, and now the Cavarro estate consists of the village of Serenya, on the northern shore of Lake Brodd. Looking to improve the families position, Armando used his friendships in the Swordlords to secure a charter of exploration for his son, with the expectation of lands granted at the appropriate time.

As befits a dutiful cavalier, Alessandro has taken on this task, although in his heart he wants nothing more than to sit at the lakeside and fish, perhaps with a glass of wine and pleasant companions. He has been traveling with a mercenary company for the last ten years, fighting in Qaramay, the River Kingdoms, and at the Hellgate.

To aid him in the conquest of the Stolen Lands, Alessandro is gathering friends he has met on the road, as well as the most capable and trusted members of the village. It is his plan to send them ahead, while he cements valuable political alliances.

Alessandro Cavarro

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