a gnome fighter destined for greatness




Etterskel is from Issia. His family has been providing fix it and and tinker services there for over 200 years. Growing up he enjoyed watching his mother and father as they fixed and invented their way through each day. But after he got older he started hanging around the Rhemoraz Rum Tum tavern and his eyes twinkled as he listened to the stories of adventurers. While his parents don’t understand it, they have encouraged his “little fascination”. Egrattaelle and Gurnlach love their son and are just waiting for him to grow out of this phase. Their business, Tinker, Talker and Mime Pot, Pans & Trinkets Emporium, is known throughout the area.

He befriended the proprietor at the Rhemoraz, who was an adventurer before he saw the light. Benderus Aing, saw little harm in humoring the young gnome with a little martial training. Though he was dismayed when Et chose to go out and adventure. Ben is still angry with his mother-in-law, an itinerant drunk and fixture at the Rhemoraz, for claiming to foresee the future and predicting that Et was destined for greatneas and thus further encouraging misguided little lout. Nima also predicted that Et would return with great wealth and shower her with jewels in gratitude. Ben predicted that she would pass out mere moments after dooming the young gnome with visions of greatness. So far only one has seen their prophecy come true.

The weapon Et carries is something he found dust covered and abandoned in his parents’ cellar. They think it could have been old Uncle Olaf’s but for the life of them they can’t remember whose uncle it was and why it would have been left behind.

Gurn got Et’s armour by trading his wares with his good friend, Freyn the blacksmith.


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