highly likeable halfling cleric of Caiden Caylean





Huckelbuddy was born into indentured servitude in a tavern in the city of Kerse, the capital of the mercantile nation of Druma. His father was an itinerant merchant, and never saw his child. His mother was a barmaid named Shirley Talldrink. Being in poor health, and not wanting Huckle to have to grow up alone, subjected to the crude demands of the tavern’s patrons, she convinced the tavern owner to transfer her contract to her son, and then to sell them both to a merchant ship.

As it turned out, the ‘merchant’ who purchased Huckelbuddy was Edmord Tasche, also know on Lake Encartan as Black Eddie, the Pirate of a Hundred Ships. He was not called this because he commanded a fleet of ships, but because he had a reputation of losing ships as fast as he stole them. He put Hucklebuddy to this end, using his small size to squeeze into portholes to loot chests, or to climb unseen along the pier and cut the mooring ropes.

On the rare occaisions when Huckle was caught, he used his natural charm and glib tongue to talk his way out of trouble. If his natural talents were not enought, he would call upon the power of Cayden Cailean, who had taken a liking to the halfling, and granted the spells he needed to preserve his freedom. On one particular mission, the boat he was trying to steal belonged to the cavalier Alessandro Cavarro, who was impressed by the daring and wit of the young halfling. He offered Huckle the opportunity to join a new endeavor. Tired of working for pirates, Hucklebuddy accepted, and after getting the pirates piss-drunk, he simply walked right out of the camp. He worked odd jobs with trade caravans moving through the River Kingdoms until he reached Restov, where he met the other members that Alessandro had gathered to tame the wilderness.

After he was killed by a giant whiptail centipede, Hucklebuddy underwent a reincarnation. He is now a half-orc, much to the sorrow of the halfling lasses of Rushbottle.


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