Nox Wylde

half-elf druid, with a companion bear


Fort: +3
Ref: +3
Will: +5
Perception: +9

And the bear:

Fort: +4
Ref: +5
Will: +1
Perception: +6


Nox Wylde was born in the wilderness, to an elf who had taken up residence with a human man. Father, Marcus, was a woodcutter, and mother, Coelis, was an elf of the woodlands. Coelis was intrigued by the handsome human who cut wood in her forest. They met, fell in love, and bore two children in their little cabin on the south edge of the Gronzi Forest. The son was interested in the animals of the forest and the mysteries of the earth, and learned much of them from his mother. Marcus, a retired adventurer, was no slouch with a sword, and taught his daughter the martial arts. Mother and father both perished in a fight with ogres, which the siblings survived. Nox found a young black bear in the ogre’s lair, and took it with him as a companion. His sister went and pledged her sword to the Swordlords. After the death of his parents, Nox and his sister Luna left the cabin with whatever belongings they could carry and went to the cities to seek their fortune. His sister carried her father’s longsword, and Nox brought his mother’s sling.

Nox Wylde

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