Stag Lord amulet

worn by all the Stag Lord's men/women.


Every bandit who swears obeisance to the Stag Lord is made to carve out an amulet in the shape of a stag’s head or a leaping stag. They may do it in wood, but most use the bones or antlers of a deer or elk. Since most bandits are not skilled craftsmen, the more talented bandits have earned some money for themselves by carving amulets for their comrades.

While most of the bandits have to make do with the hand carved jewelry, those that the Stag Lord trusts the most are granted one of a handful of amulets crafted in precious metals by a jeweler. The status of the bandit can be gleaned from the value of their amulet. Kressle, who was put in charge of the Thorn River bandits, had a silver one, while her number two, Happs, had one of bronze.
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Stag Lord amulet

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