Against the Wilderness

June 22
Attack on the Bandit Camp (Redux)

After agreeing to combine bandit gangs, there was a brief power struggle between Beta, the sorcerer, and the bandit who thought he should be in charge (Hucklebuddy was recovering from a grievous wound, and was in no position to assert his authority). Beta lost that particular staring contest, and the new boss, whose name was Solandus, started ordering improvements to the camp to make it easier to defend. Then he announced the intention of leaving for Oleg’s in the morning to burn it down.

The party talked amongst themselves and decided that the best course of action was to knock out the bandits in their sleep and tie them up. That didn’t work out so well, as the bandits awoke during the knock out attempt, and a real fight broke out. N’name, realizing that half the party could see well in dim light, doused the campfire. This created the conditions necessary for the party to prevail in the battle, and they were able to take two bandits prisoner for questioning.

During questioning, they learned more about the man called the Stag Lord, who seems to be uniting the bandits of the Stolen Land. Unfortunately, they did not learn of his location, because he runs his organization as a series of unconnected cells, with only a few people at each location aware of the true leadership.

June 15
Attack on the Bandit Camp

Armed with their new knowledge of the bandit, which included the location of the camp, the party set off following the trail. On the second day, they were spotted by a sentry, but once again, Hucklebuddy made a new friend. Hucklebuddy convinced the sentry that they were sent to warn Kressle (the bandit chief) of an attack by guards at Oleg’s. After some back and forth about leaving a watch behind to intercept the coming lawmen, the party was escorted to the camp, on a small island in a bend in the river. As they were about to cross a log bridge, Scout, the elven stealth expert, was spotted by a sentry in a tree stand. Hucklebuddy, thinking quickly, apprehended her, and brought her as a prisoner into the camp.

Kressle, in a belligerent mood, argued with Hucklebuddy, the perceived leader of the new band of bandits. She was just about to throw a dagger into his back when Nox decided that her time upon the earth was at an end, and stabbed her with a spear. A vicious fight broke out, and our heros were saved only by the judicious use of Obscuring Mist, into which the party hid. With no targets at which to shoot, the bandits stepped back to watch the unfolding fight of Kressle, Bandit Chief, vs. Onyx, Black Bear Cub. Long story short, the bear had a nice dinner, and the party was out one set of really good leather armor.

After the fall of their leader, the bandits decided to follow the new leader.

June 8
Arrival at Oleg's

After a week on the road, which in reality was little more than a wagon track packed hard by years of use, the parties finally arrive at the trading post, where they meet Oleg Leventon, his wife, and their son. They are greeted warmly by Mrs. Leventon, but her husband’s mood quickly sours when he realizes they are not there to deal with the bandit problem that has been plaguing his business over the winter.

The party, realizing that their charter does indeed cover the disposal of bandits, decided that they would deal with the problem after all, and waited for the arrival of the miscreants the next day.

The bandits appeared at their due time, and were met with unexpected defiance. Young Yuri, stung in his pride for not being able to protect his parents sooner, attempted to strike the first blow against the bandit leader, but was cut down by a vicious wound to the belly.

The plucky halfling was able to charm one of the bandits into providing support, while the druid’s bear made sure escape was impossible, by scattering the horses.

In short order the bandits were dispatched, with the lone survivor proved to be repentant of his ways, and offered to tell what he know of his partners in crime.

The Granting of the Charter

The party, brought together by their common acquaintance Sir Alessandro Cavarro, met in the foyer of the Hall of Blades, the headquarters of the Swordlords of Restov. They met with Lord Mario Derron, who granted them the charter and explained their duties in Stolen Lands.

Joining a trade caravan, they travelled into the wilderness to Oleg’s Trading Post, just outside the formal boundaries of the Kingdom of Brevoy.

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