Against the Wilderness

June 7th

some catching up.

The party journeyed to the Stag Lord’s keep, and armed with some insider knowledge snuck in through a secret door. Ignoring several invitations to small encounters, they made their way to the biggest tower in the place, forced their way in, and fought the Stag Lord and his mother.

After their eventual triumph, they liberated Akiros from the dungeons, killed everyone else in the castle (except for the halfling maid they had been told about), and put the care of the castle into Akiros’ hands.

They then decided to go on exploring the landscape. In the course of this action they discovered a millennia-old barrow, which, true to expectation, contained a wight, as well as some other undead and animated statues. After losing Hucklebuddy and nearly losing Robin, the party pushed their horses had to get to the village of Rushbottle, and managed to get Huckelbuddy yet another reincarnation. This time he came back as a half-elf.


Tauric Tauric

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