Against the Wilderness

May 3, 2014

as Hucklebuddy tells it...

Yep, we brought the silver back to the lord. We made fun of his butler. We talked to the halfling that guided us to the mine. We paid him some money and apologized for terrorizing him. He told us the bard we rescued was in the jail on the assumption that we had taken off with the town’s silver. We said that we brought the silver back, so we should probably just go get the bard now. The halfling said that the Sheriff worked for the stag lord and didn’t like us. In fact, the sheriff apparently had hired the halfling to delay us long enough that the stag lord’s mercenaries were able to waylay us on the way back from the mine. So we decided we had to fix that sheriff’s little red wagon. Then that sheriff poked his head out of his house and started tweeting on a whistle. And he pointed at us and said, “You.” So we gacked him. Then the deputies showed up, and we offered them a chance to surrender, but they attacked us so we gacked two of them. Then we offered the remaining two a chance to surrender. But they didn’t. So we gacked another one. Then we offered the last one a chance to surrender. He did. Then the halfling led the crowd that had showed up in the meantime in a rousing cheer because we liberated them from the stag lord’s cronies. Then we started back to the lord’s house to apologize for whacking his sheriff, but the local populace decided they needed to go home to grab their pitchforks for a less friendly visit to the lord. We got to the lord’s house, and the Butler showed up in half plate and a heavy flail. We mocked him. He strode forward to attack. 4 casters and a bear surrounded him, stuck him with bear teeth, longswords, scythes, and knives. He didn’t even touch us. (we rolled well, he rolled poorly). The townsfolk were mad that we started the party without them, then they poured into the lord’s manor where we heard considerable looting and lord expressing his discomfort. We gave the townspeople bows, appointed the halfling’s dad the new sheriff, suggested they organize a defense for their town and figure out a new mayor/lord. The halfling will guide us to the stag lord’s to help rescue his lady love.


Tauric Tauric

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