Robin Mountain

human fighter, bastard of House Garess


HP: 38
AC: 17-19

Fort: 6
Ref: 2
Will: 1

Perception: 2

Her sigil is of a robin with outstretched wings on a red and yellow field. Her words are “Strength and Justice” “I Have a Charter”


Robin’s mother Anessa Mountain, was an “adventurer” herself so to speak as she followed campaign parties that went through the different towns she wandered through. She’d prefer her profession be considered as “entertainer” however, and despite her practical and headstrong personality she found herself never in lack of work so to speak. On one such campaign she met a warrior who she traded sharp words with much to his amusement and her annoyance. Despite this however, Anessa and the then young Neddlan Garess manage to make it through the campaign of hunting trolls without her stabbing him in the eye. After parting much more amicably than they had met, Anessa lived in a small village waiting for another campaign to filter on through while working at a tavern. It was during this time she discovered she was pregnant and knowing that any attempt to force a noble house to acknowledge a bastard would be difficult and in short, not worth chasing.
Anessa raised Robin alone and worked as a courtesan rather than camp follower, never speaking much of the girl’s father. Unlike her mother, Robin had no good nature, wit or humor to recommend her, and spent her days running with the bastard children of other “courtesans” in the village. She spent her days running with this gang and beating noble and legitimate children in games and on occasion with sticks. Robin did not have the demeanor for bardic training as her mother, so she sent the girl away to train to be a soldier when she was thirteen. It suited Robin fine, until on a return visit home her mother saw fit to reveal her true parentage to her as she was now a grown woman. Consumed with the need to get what she saw as rightfully hers and her mother’s, Robin set out to prove herself an heiress of House Garess, whether her father and his true wife liked it or not. She took up the current mission in hopes of gaining a name for herself and making sure she was seen as an asset and honored child of House Garess with all the privileges and wealth that came with it.

She named her horse Jeanette, after the wife of her father, the Duke Neddlan Garess.

Has become known as the Knight with serpent shoulders in the Stag Lord’s lands.

Robin Mountain

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