Cavalier Organizations and Orders

Cavalier orders applicable to the campaign

Armaelites (officially: Earthly Soldiers of the Angel Armael): These knights are warriors in the service of Adane. At least once a month (unless on pilgrimage or crusade) the knights must report to a cathedral or chapter house and seek an assignment for the church. If no assignment is given, the Armaelite is free to quest as she pleases, as long as she upholds her edicts and defends the church in her actions. [cavalier order: Star ]

Dragonscale Guard: Dedicated to protecting the family and property of the King. [order: Lion ]

Lesser Swordpact: These are warriors that, for whatever reason, are not made full Swordlords, but have nonetheless sworn an oath to serve them, and protect Rostland from outside threats. [orders: Lion, Dragon ]

Other orders which don’t require joining a specific organization, but do require formal ritual before becoming a cavalier: Blue Rose, Land, Penitent, Shield, Sword, Cockatrice. With the exception of the Cockatrice, these orders are all considered servants of the Church of Adane, whether or not the individual cavalier is actively involved in the church. They are expected to uphold the Nine Virtues.

Cavalier Organizations and Orders

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