Religion in Brevoy

(see also Halfling Ancestor Worship, and Thaumic Religion)

Brevic citizens who wish to be seen as respectable, or at least wish to avoid being run out of town (at the least) worship (or at least pay lip service to) a pair of deities, Adané and Thaum. (There used to be a third, Orodondé, but his name is no longer mentioned in polite society.)

Adané (pronounced ah-DAHN-ay), the Goddess of Light, is also known as Golden Queen, the Lady of the Morning, The Flame of Truth, Mistress of the Hearth, Sacred Mother, and several other such epithets. A goddess of many aspects, she is worshipped by all proper thinking beings. Her portfolio contains most of what the civilized races agree is good: mercy, knowledge, freedom, the arts, and community. Her most common holy symbol is a stylized sunburst, holysymbol_400.jpg but others have been known to be accepted, such as a open book with a flame arising from the pages, a candleflame, or even a flaming sword. Usually these alternate symbols are used by a specialized order within the church, and will be incorporated into a sun-disc, to signify the allegiance to Adané.

Clerics of the Golden Queen can be male or female, and any race, although orders within the church may be segregated. They usually dress in layers of whites, yellows, and browns. They can be any non-evil. These are their domain choices: Community, Glory, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Liberation, Nobility, Protection, and Sun.

The other god openly worshipped is Thaum (thAWm), who is also known as the Silver Prince, the Prince of Shadows, Lord of the Half-light, Master of Things Half-seen, Warden of the Wilds, is the god of those things that, while not exactly desirable in life, are necessary, such as stealth, deception, death, weather, darkness and magic. He is patron of prophets, images.jpg thieves, and hunters. His common holy symbol is a crescent moon.

Clerics of the Prince of Shadows can be any non-lawful alignment, and usually dress in black or deep blue, highlighted with silver or grey. They can be of any race. Domains available are: Air, Animal, Chaos, Darkness, Luck, Magic, Travel, Trickery, Weather, Plant, Repose, Void, and Water.

Religion in Brevoy

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